Resetting password on UCM6104


My father had passed away a year ago, and he had setup a UCM6104 system in the business I inherited from him (In fact this is also his forum user I reset to login).
Everything worked well until now, but I do need to make some changes and I have no idea how to access the administrator settings.
I have the option “Forgot my password” but I have to know the user for that to work.
I tried “admin” but none of his email accounts gets an email after that.
I rather not factory reset, cause it will be a ton of work to configure everything again…

Thank you guys


reset pswd only works if SMTP is set correctly,
unfortunately it is not possible to trace the pswd,
you can try to open a ticket to Grandstream,
keep in mind that UCM6104 is EOL,
i think the only solution will be a format factory.