Reseteo de fabrica por cables


Does anyone know the configuration of cables that I have to do to get a factory reset?

The order of the cables that you can see in the photo are:

white orange / orange
green / white green
white blue / blue with blue (they are united)
white / coffee with coffee (they are united)
in this way I have the arrangement of the cables
Note: I do not add anything more than that


It is manual with pic :slight_smile:
Page 119 (but it use Wiegand connection not normal.


I do not have those cables, do you know what kind of cables they are?


I think thae are added with GDS ?


I have the box and I do not have the cables


It is, white end + multiple colour cable.


@fernandorainde: If the GDS3710 is a new purchased unit, the cable should be inside the plastic bag shipped together with the unit. Please contact the seller/reseller if this is a new purchase. Thanks!