Reset To Factory Password


I forgot the password but have the factory password. I read the instruction that claim if you want to reset the password to the Factory password and conserve all other ssettings all you have to do is *last6 mac id# then using the code to decifer the factory password, you create a number sequence and insert that within 60 seconds of doing the first step. I have done the process many times but the doorphone never allows the rest to take place. It gives three short sounds indicating it did not work. Please help


The GDS3712 does not have keypad, therefore that method is not useful.

BUT, there is an utility tool called “GS_Search”, you can use it do so reset PW (if lost PW) or factory reset in LAN environment. The utility can be applied to all GDS37XX product series, as well as GSC36XX IP Camera product series. The tool can be download from Grandstream website and no installation required (a very small binary file):

Please read the “README” file to learn how to use it, it is very simple, but have to be in LAN environment, meaning you really have physical access to the GDS device. The “README” PDF file is inside the zip ball.

Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Device.