Reset option to default when unchecking configuration in GDMS



If I configure an option in GDMS and then uncheck that option in GDMS, the phone does not revert to the default configuration. Has this been considered or discussed? I’d love to see removal of a configuration item in GDMS result in that configuration item being reset to the factory default.


The phone keeps the previous value if none is set in the new config GDMS sent. This has always been the case on any SIP phones AFAIK.

Yes, a factory reset is needed to return to default - OR - you can also use the “Reset settings” in GDMS to put the default value and let it checked. It will then send the default value back to the device.


Where is the “reset settings” you’re referring to in GDMS?




Thank you. Not sure how I missed it.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! GDMS platform will only assign and provision the options which the user has checked the option in GDMS platform for the selected device’s template. For the options which are not checked, the options will not be provisioned and updated in the device. The Reset option will recover all of the options to default.

Thank you!


Is the reset on the GDMS GUI or on the phone itself?


It’s on GDMS.


That’s what I thought. but I was hoping for a way to reset the phone more selectively without a factory reset…


If you deselect a setting, save, then come back, I think it will be resetted to the default value. You can do that for as many options as you need.


In Zero Config this is not the case. You actually have to send the default value to the phone to reset it or Factory Reset. Deselecting an option just means that it is no longer sending a new value to overwrite what is on the phone.

I suspect that GDMS works the same. Hence why I would like to be able to have a “true” reset function that actually resets the value on the phone.


Dear users,

Thank you all for your feedback! “Deselect an option” means GDMS will not push the change of this option to the device, not removing the contents or reset the option. GDMS platform only allows users to reset the whole configuration page, not a single option on the page. This is also a nice suggestion to reset a single option to default on a configuration page, and we will consider this feature improvement in future GDMS release. Thank you all for your testing!

Thank you!


I believe this is true. If you uncheck the box, the option is no longer managed on the device. However, if you uncheck the option, then refresh the page, if the option is restored to the default in GDMS, then you could recheck the option and have that default pushed back to the device.

Does this make sense? It would only work if the option is actually restored to default in GDMS when it’s unchecked.


Yes, but is it is a text field, you would still need to push that value. Same as with Zero Config. I was hoping for something a bit more full featured - never hurts to hope…