Requires additional feature for web connection to remote IP phone via GDMS


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Additional feature required for web connection to remote IP phone via GDMS.
let me explain better, in the screen below there are the settings of Yeastar (comparable to Zero Config of UCM), where it is possible to remotely access via WEB to each single IP phone by clicking on “x->” which is highlighted in red.
Practically, a temporary FQDN is created from time to time and allows remote access via the web to the IP phone concerned,
in my opinion this is a very interesting and useful thing,
would it be possible to insert this feature in GDMS?
In summary, to date it is possible to connect to GDMS, from here I enter the relevant UCM via a provisional FQDN, in the UCM I enter the TAB Zero Config and from here I see the list of phones in provisioning, I click on the “button” that will be created and I log into the affected IP phone via the web.

Not always all problems are solved through Zero Config, direct access via the web remotely would mean having total and better control for the installer.

(also I would be curious to know why Grandstream does not release the possibility to create remote provisioning to other cocnurrent PBX, this limits the sale of Grandstream IP phones in other platforms, but surely there is a valid reason)


Dear user,

Thank you for using the GDMS platform! I will send this feature request to our GDMS development for evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!