REQUEST: Copy Model Templates


It would be nice if we could copy model template since the “hierarchy” we are used to on ZeroConfig is not available on GDMS.

So you have 1 model template for all models of a site, and configure manually the rest by device. This is also a problem: we should be able to use multiple model templates for 1 device and combine the settings.


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You could go to Device Configuraiton -> By Group to create multiple groups, and push the different configuration file to the same device. Those configurations (by group) could be pushed into the device, and the configurations could be combined in the device. You can try it in this way and see if this feature could satisfy your requirements.

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I share what @fmarcoux96 asked, I tried “group” but in my opinion it’s something else.

I think he means “create 2 or more DP752 example models so that you can choose the ideal one from time to time”.
Example model DP752 local and model DP752 remote.
That would be very useful.


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If the user wants to create 2 templates of same model, the user needs assign the templates to different sites. The reason is when the new device is assigned to the specified site, the GDMS will allocate the model template to the new added device automatically. This is by our design. If the user wants to create the templates for same device, it is recommended to create different group for the selected devices.

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The problem with groups is that it breaks the idea of zero-touch.

You HAVE to create the group then select devices, so it cannot be simply preconfigured by merging 2-3 sites templates.

For example, a business could have a master template on the main site, which has all base parameters. Then, for each subsites, another model template only containing like language, time, customization, etc. When plugging in a device of a subsite, it takes the 2 configs then merge them to push it.

I understand why model template is unique, but we must have the option for more flexibility, kinda like Zero Config works. You can select multiple templates and just merge them.


I think as @fmarcoux96 and I will fight for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok. But as I don’t know what the designer was thinking nor whose input they sought in creating the design (that is, which VARs that install/support multiple clients each with their own unique needs and settings), can you advise how the design will meet our real world needs?

How should we be using GDMS where we have different, but similar master template needs for the same model across a company, which each sub-site needing its own master template or sub-master template and where each group of the same model phone in each location has it’s own needs. Then extend that to a totally different company and so on.

IMHO, many of us use the same basics (hence the clone issue) and then make changes either in the master or in multiple layers of other templates for various functions. This is certainly my experience using Zero Config.


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Thank you all for using GDMS! I will save your suggestions for the “By Model” provisioning feature in “Device Configuration Management”, and report all your suggestions to our developers. Your suggestions are very important to us and we will consider to improve this feature based on your feedback.

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