REQUEST : Auto-mute on Intercom/Paging (Call-Info)


It would be nice if we could decide the mute function based on type of incoming call.

For example, Intercom will not mute but paging (not just multicast) will.

Or, regular calls are not muted and Intercom calls are.

Definitely need a way to disable AUTO-ANSWER by account
Definitely need a way to disable AUTO-ANSWER by account

Not sure I understand as page calls are one-way and intercom is 2 way. So, if a page, talk back off (mute) is implied.

Can you explain the issue?


I want to be able to decide what type of calls are muted.

Since I test this with 3CX in the cloud, multicast paging is not an option. So, I’d like to choose, for example, that regular calls are not muted and Intercom calls are or vice-versa.

A simple 3 checkboxes is perfect:

  • Mute on Paging call
  • Mute on Intercom call
  • Mute on Regular call

Choose which one we want, so it can be customized.


Sorry, but I still miss the point -

Despite multicast limitations, which is problematic from a hosted solution unless using a VPN and the routers at each end will pass MC - .

The type of call being made defines whether the other end can talk back or not (mute/un-mute), why is there a need for a setting when the call type already handles it?

By your definition, I could have intercom set to mute, which effectively makes the function a page and I could have page to un-mute which makes it an intercom. Or, I could have them both un-mute which makes both an intercom or mute which makes both a page. The only difference is the dial code being used which then defines whether muted or not.

Simply put:
Page is 1 way, no talk back
Intercom is 2 way, can talk back
So it seems, that at least with page and intercom you already have the control you seek. Why change this which then changes the functionality and the associated terminology used to define same.

I am not sure of the circumstances where a need might arise where, when conducting a normal call to another extension, you would want that call to automatically mute the other end. If you were to call me and such was the case, I would probably assume there is an issue and hangup and then call you back indicating that I was speaking but you failed to respond to same. I might see it if you dialed into a conference, but then I think that control would be up to the conference admin.

I must be missing something.


Like I said, we don’t really care whether the “type of call” already define the mute.

No it does not. We should have the option. Why? Because 3CX has a Intercom dialcode, not a Paging one, and as my PBX is in the Cloud, multicast paging is out of the way.

Because of that, I can only mute all calls or mute none. I cannot choose which because “Intercom” and regular calls are two-ways.

So, to make this short, I just want the option, is that too much to ask for?


Well yes.
Page and intercom are SAME packet, one difference is sendonly or sendrcv in SDP.
There is no way for phone to see which come unless it is in SDP already. So decision is for CALLER not called which one is used. So it simply not possible to recognize “call”.
I’m not sure what 3cx do but it must have both option for this to work. It could be possible to recognize call by alert-info and set mute or not (but in GXP this is already there mute connection if there is alert-info- sorry no GSC yet).
So in summary you can mute alert-info and not normal call.

GXP option under account -intercom settings:
" Mute on answer Intercom call"


Like I said, 3CX does send the Alert-Info for Intercom, but it does not manage paging correctly.

I just want the option. I don’t need the biggest reason.


fmarcoux96 -

I can only suggest that you submit a feature request to GS.

The issue of multicast is a non-starter at present unless GS elects to implement the multicast master function that the Algo devices have (unknown if protected by a patent). This has been requested by others in GDS related posts.

You can page in 3CX, but granted not via dial code, only by setting up a page extension and then adding the desired extension in as members like those in a ring group. The UCM has both a dial code and page group functionality. It is done correctly, but the 3CX philosophy regarding its implementation is different. They simply lack a dial code.

Additionally, I suggest you submit a feature request with 3CX as therein is the limitation. However, having dealt with them on numerous occasions over the past 11 years, my guess is that they will respond that the functionality already exists and there is no reason to implement a change.

In any event, good luck.


This post is essentially a feature request.

I just want an option. Not a debate on how SIP Calls have multiple types.

Please don’t take this badly, but I asked for a settings to allow more flexibility in case we need it. You have the right to disagree, but I still have my right to ask GS for it and see if they want to do it.


Am not taking it badly nor suggesting that you can’t or shouldn’t ask. I only suggested that you submit a ticket in order to get the request documented in the portal which then causes GS to at least look at it and respond.

As the forum is user-to-user, GS may or may not see it and if they do, the post may not elicit a response.

I am sorry for the apparent misunderstanding, but you did not indicate anything about 3CX in the initial post; hence why I did not understand the need. While 3CX was mentioned in the second post, you mentioned multi-cast and no other form of paging, only what you wanted. So, again, I was trying to understand the need as multicast was not germane to the post given the hosted reference and I know that 3CX supports paging and Intercom.

Not upset as all, but if you want a feature, it gains support from others by understanding the need, its intent and benefit and discussing the issues at hand. When you get others on-board it is apt to get the attention of GS to favorably look upon its implementation.

So, as I said, good luck and i still suggest you hit up 3CX for a page dial code feature.


Actually, as this is a Beta Club thread, @grandstream will probably look at it like they checked out every other posts in this category. It’s the purpose of the Beta Forums.

It has been requested many times over the years but 3CX wants you to use their stupid Web client for everything so you can page and Intercom easily via the Web but not from your phone. Intercom works via *8 If my memory serves but no code for paging. We HAVE to create a Paging ring group which is stupid if I want to page 1 person.

This is why I requested this feature, to open more flexibility for PBX that aren’t as flexible as a UCM.


It is pointless to continue as this isn’t a debate here, I said “may” not see it and “may” not elicit a response. A ticket eliminates the “may”. I am quite familiar with both the forum and 3CX and had stated what I thought their response would be and, I understand the point of the request.


Hi everyone,

Thank you for the feedback, we will take this into consideration. More feedback regarding this feature are welcome.



It would be nice to simply be able to choose whether to mute or not based on type of call. Like a simple three level option.

Also, this kind of option would be nice for the Intercom tone because when using 3CX in paging mode, two tones are played by the speaker: the Intercom one, then the paging one.


And that would be lovely if Grandstream Multicast did that as well.


We are able to insert a “tone” (prompt) at the beginning of the multicast on the UCMs. That is what we are testing and planning in our deployments


@alatarus, can you explain how you are doing this when the multicast page is initiated directly from the phone (GXP21xx)?


David, he indicated on the UCM.


Yes, we utilize either the UCM or an ALGO type device as a “paging server” on most of our installs


Yes , mea culpa, I guess it was too early n the morning for me…

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :wink: