Request a customer for "mode 1"


a client asks me for a particular need.
Scenario: UCM6202 with a voip trunk that in default mode mode rings at one queue, in Mode 1 it rings to a group and in timeout with relative “closed company” message.
The customer would like in Mode 1 to somehow play an external number sometimes rather than a “closed company” message.
Can you help me find a solution in Mode 1?
thank you


If I understand this correctly when in mode 1 you want to hear a number that can people can call.
Then why not just create a custom prompt set up an IVR .
Teak the IVR so that if they wanted to be connected automatically without jotting down the number they can press a key and the UCm will place the call.


Mode 1 can all of the time conditions of any route and can play any message you want. It just needs to be set up.

You can vary the message based on time frame or simply log in and change the message as desired.