Replacement GDS3710 Tags Not Opening Gate


Good Afternoon, I have recently replaced a GDS3710 at the gate of our client, after a huge battle and help provided here I finally got the system imported over and back in place. I also imported the user accounts with pin and everything, but to my frustration, none of the residence tags are opening the gate now. There is 4 GDS3710 system on the premises and the other 3 is working perfectly. Is there a way of getting the user information on the new one so that the tags work again or would I have to reprogram all the tags onto it again of which there is around 200. Any advice would be much appreciated as I am new to grandstream devices.


you can use GDSManager with Central mode and exchange card info across all devices.
2.nd undercard management you can export data and import on the new one.
Good luck


I have exported and imported through card management but with no luck. I will try GDSManager


What firmware version of GDS3710 and GDSManager version we are discussing here?

You have to enable “Central Mode” when working with GDSManager for the GDS3710, which default setting is OFF.

Also, you can export all the settings of one good GDS3710, can import back to new device (by update the MAC address inside the file) from the device webUI in the “Data Maintenance” section.

Basically you can either import from GDSManager, or indivicual GDS3710 independently. We specially considered this when designing this product and software, to reduce system downtime if problem happens.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710.