Replace option for Dinstar E1 GW (MTG200-1E) with UCM series



Dear All, Good Day. Looking forward to your valued opinion on replacing the Dinstar E1 GW (MTG200-1E) with a suitable option from the UCM series to support 1 E1 for converting PSTN to SIP Conversation. I am considering UCM 6510, will it be a good option? Are there going to be major hiccups that i need to be prepared for beforehand?
Thanks in advance.


UCM6510 is fine but a little dated, you can also evaluate UCM630X + GXW4501
but sorry, PSTN what fits us with E1?
in any case you should switch to Ful VoIP


E1 = ISDN primary rate Digital line - 30 channels
PSTN = Analogue line - 1 x channel

Maybe you need to clarify what you are changing from a little clearer.


I second what Damiano has indicated. Use a GXW4501 in conjunction with an appropriate UCM63XX.
The issue with your question is that you have only mentioned a Dinstar gateway and you are proposing to replace same with a PBX that has an integrated gateway. You never mentioned a PBX so it is somewhat hard to know/understand what issue (hiccups) might arise when nothing was mentioned about the PBX in use currently?