Removing IPVT alias info from SIP INVITE message



Is it possible to remove IPVT alias info from the SIP INVITE message, or make it available for customization?
As for now when SIP call is initiated from device registered in IPVT then it adds too much info about IPVT service to the SIP INVITE, so it causes troubles due to UDP packets fragmentation.

Actually device adds the following data to SIP INVITE:
X-IPVT-Client-Info: uid = 820xxxx; alias = “Grandstream GVC3200”

The same info is also added even if we disable IPVT registration on the device.
We would like to be able to make it shorter with editing or removing alias info.


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I would like to Invite you to open a ticket in our helpdesk in order to discuss this in depth, you can reach our helpdesk portal using link below :

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