Remotely opening the door without an active call


Hi all,

GDS3710 used as an entry phone & vehicle gate controller, CCTV at this location.
Users can answer the call and open the door or dial into the controller and dial the code to open it - all working fine.

Reception have a GXV3275 phone and CCTV displaying on a monitor at all times. They would like to have a simple button on the phone to open the barrier when they see a recognised vehicle (ie without the driver having to get out and press the bell).

Can someone guide me on how to add this? On an analogue system I would have just setup a speeddial number with a pause and then dial the DTMF but this doesn’t appear to be supported with SIP.


@Mirez: Analogue system has a dedicated circuit and button to open door. You can do this either by wiring a push button from GDS3710 to open door and related connection diagram please refer to this document:

Digital system is different and GDS3710 is using SIP call to open door. The call is NOT dedicated 7x24 but a “use as needed” design, unless you make a 7x24 phone call (which feasible but not practical). If you don’t want to wire a push button to GDS3710, then the Reception saw and recognized the incoming vehicle, she can make a call from GXV3275 to GDS3710 and press the Open Door soft key from the GXV3275 to open door. You can configure GDS3710 to hand up the call automatically once door opened. The open door soft button will be configured in the GXV3275 side.

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Hi :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I get the difference between the two systems and as stated, reception know they can call the GDS and press the button but it’s not exactly a smooth way to work. I could also wire the button but the point of a IP/POE system is to remove the need for cabling.

I’m not after a special addition to the software or anything like that (Maybe this should be the GXV forum instead), but there surely is a way to have a pause after call has been made using speed dial?

One entry in the phonebook then which can be added as a shortcut to the desktop - done. It’s not rocket science to do something like this surely?

00p*1234# - Super easy on a analogue system


@Mirez: Yes, the concept is simple but implementation is not easy as what you think. SIP is an session protocol this means a session has to be established. Not sure how the SIP end point (GDS, IP phones) can handle the pause because this is a Dial Plan and usually handled by IPPBX or SIP Proxy.

Another way to do is download and install GDSManager to Receptionlist’s computer, the GDSManager and see the live video of GDS3710, and there are Open Door icon and Intercom Icon so the Reception can click mouse to open door (without talking to visitor) or click to talk to the visitors.

The GDSManager is using RTSP stream to view the live video of GDS3710. And the GDSManager is FREE software by Grandstream. You can get from here:

Again, thank you for using Grandstream products!