RemoteConnect Plan Details and Costs


Anyone have details on what the various RemoteConnect plans will support and cost? I can’t find the info online currently and I’m trying to sell systems with RemoteConnect being a central feature. I have the RemoteConnect features screenshot showing the basic, silver, gold and platinum plans with no costs and no explanation of exactly what they do. For instance the standard basic plan is always applied with “limited” remote UCM and endpoint management while the silver plan has “comprehensive” management. What different features do those words represent? I have customers showing a lot of interest in UCMs with RemoteConnect, but I have to have details and prices.


The last I heard from Grandstream is that this has not been defined as yet.


The thing on that chart that cracks me up is the “Lucrative” on the bottom line. How much more un-descriptive could you be?


Are there more information available nowadays?


Any update on this? And what happens when current beta plan expires? I understand this is still beta. Some ball park range on pricing plan is very very much appreciated.



GS Has said that the beta expires in july of 2021, but it’s August 18th now, and GDMS still says “in beta”. Any clue on pricing yet?


I was told to expect pricing information in Spring of 2022, so I am expecting more BETA renewals…


I hope much earlier, greatstream has already lost a lot of soil with competition, at spring 2022 will be 2.5 years after the magazine in UCM6300 test, I would really say too much



Looks reasonable. Now what does it take to be a partner to sell these plans?


You contact an IT distributor in your country that distributes GS.They may have some requirements