Remote User


Hi All,

I replaced my old pbx asterisk with the new UCM6208 ,I have to restore the connection with 1 remote user , with the old asterick all works fine , now i’m not able to connect this remote user extension.
On UCM ,NAT is enabled on remote extension setting .
The IP of the remote voip phone is on the same class of the UCM .
I don’t have a VPN from UCM and location of the remote voip phone.


So, presumably the UCM has the same local IP that the Asterisk server did and the router has port forwarding in place for the ports that are in use for the UCM?

Additionally, the remote phone, what make and model?


the remote telephone on the public network instead of VPN is not recommended,

  • you have to activate the nat as per screen
  • you have to change the listening port on the remote phone and activate the stun and set the codecs correctly (if you can limit it to 711A
  • on the remote router / firewall you have to create the nat on the sip (changed) port and on the rtp ports towards the Sip phone
  • in any case you will never have a “stable” situation
  • create local nat rules to UCM, with ACL if you do not want it to become a colander.