Remote PIN does not work


The remote PIN is transmitted, and reprodiced as audio on the speaker of the 3705, instead of opening the door.
This is the same for both incloming and outgoing calls (3705 calling in, or 3705 being called)
As I have not found any other mention of this on the forum, there must be something that I’m doing wrong…

Can anyone help?


Please disregard. It works fine. My mistake :frowning:


Hello good afternoon.
I have a GDS3705 and to configure the remote opening I did it as follows. From “Door System Settings” “Basic Settings” and then set the remote pin, as well as enable DTMF to open the door. On the other hand I put the clients’ interns on the white list too.
Should that work for me or do I need to configure something else?


Should be enough.

Phone need to have set DTMF as RFC or sip info.