Remote PBX - how to configure



I have a client, that has a few remote office locations - and today they either have their own SIP provider and Local POTS lines or they have phones that connect into the main 6108. What they would like to have is the following:

Central UCM 6108:
SIP providers connected
Analog POTS for local backup

Remote offices UCM 6102/04:

     no SIP providers
     Peer Trunks to the Central UCM ( over existing VPNs ) 
     Analog POTS for local backup/Life and Safety Lines 

today I have the Peer trunks setup and extension to extension calls can be made although not via pass through - every ucm has a peer network with every other UCM ( it would be good if we could set this up as a spoke and hub )

I assume that I could create an outbound route on the remote UCMs that routed outbound calls out the Peer-to-Peer trunk at each location.

What routing would I need to make the central UCM route the call that are not local or remote extensions to go out the SIP provider trunk?

I selected dial trunk but then it still expected me to select one of the extension types.

any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



You would simply treat satellite UCM’s as if they have their own SIP trunk (which would be the peer to the central system). Pattern-wise, it wouldn’t look any different than your central UCM. Your inbound route on the central UCM would be passing digits byDID with 'dial trunk; selected. The ‘DID destination’ part is what internal entities your satellite UCM’s are allowed to dial.


I have a setup like this but I have no sip at the central hub. I am trying to peer the central hub to the satelite ucm
Can I do this without a sip provider account. Heres what the customer wants:
Central UCM 6204 with 3 FXO Analog Ports 1 Main
Port 2 Rollover
Port 3 Fax
Satelite UCM 6202 with no sip or analog trunks

The customer wants the ability to have a client call into the township, Get an IVR and dial extension 114 for the Department of Public Works Phone that is at the remote site.
I have everything in place. i just dont know how to create the peer trunk and to link extension 114 on the central trunk to push calls to the extension on the satelite trunk? Please Help if you can