Remote Login


Hi All,

Recently started using the grandstream Pbx servers for our new installs.

Question, is it possible to login directly to the server remotely without the need of an extra pc that is in the network?

Thank you!!!


Sure. Best way is to VPN into the local network.

Worst way IMHO is to make the UCM GUI remotely accessible to everyone through the firewall…[If you have a static IP at your end and restrict the access to that IP, then MAYBE not so bad.]


I agree with @drostoker
VPN is best

If you do it through the firewall, by default it is a TCP port forward on Port 8089 to the UCM.
If you have a capable firewall you can lock that down to only allow specific IPs through which makes it much more secure.


Hello, do you have instructions how to remote in through the web into the modem IP address? Thank you.


Depends on the Modem - as there are a multitude of modems, you would be best to direct the question to your modem manufacturer than here…


Assuming the UCM is using its default port (TCP-8089), you need to port forward or port redirect to the UCM at whatever IP it is. Port redirect is when you set the external port of the request to be something different than the internal port. So, for instance, you might have the external port set to 9999, but in the forwarding you have the router send the message to port 8089 of the UCM.

The syntax to reach the UCM is https://externalIP:xxxx where external IP is your public IP or FQDN and xxxx is the port. It is as stated - TCP.