Remote extension configuration UCM 6302


On main site ucm6302 using with static ip address
Port forwarded 5060,10000-20000
Local extension working fine

On remote site I have around 10 gxp1625 , device is able register with UCM but no audio

My query’s are

1)Do I needed to use different sip port and RTP range if Remote phones are located in same network

  1. Any special configuration need to done on UCM

3)or any another parameters need to check


UCM6302 provides for remote extensions via integrated Remote Connect, no NAT needs to be opened



Initially I considered GDMS for Remote connect but after beta version in final version i think all features may available by monthly subscription that is why i have considered port forwarded method.


FREE license, however, resources remain free, if you open the NAT risks safely.


Does GXP1625 supports GDMS cloud


template on GDMS is one thing, Remote connect quite another thing,
just read the manual I put on you