Remote computer connection via dial-up


I could find a similar topic in the forum. Hopefully this is not redundant.

I Am working with a UCM 6202 configured to dial out calls from a computer as a service of the alarming system installed on that computer. Everything works in outbound.

The user with the old modem at the office (this has been replaced by the UCM6202) was able to dial in on the landline from a laptop(via 56k), establish connection with the receiving modem and RDS to the main computer at the office

Can we setup the same procedure using the UCM6202?



Hi Dani,

I would suggest to use a commercial grade firewall/router in front of the UCM and not use the UCM for anything other than a telephone system.

If it is a small to mid sized office you could use something like the Grandstream GWN7000 or the likes of a Mikrotik or other commercial router/firewall --> “insert brand name here” <-- to perform that function.



You would need to do this via the Internet with either a VPN setup or some sort of Remote Control software such as RDP, TeamViewer, Zoho Assist, etc.

The UCM does not in and of itself allow someone to dial into the network using a telephone line as you did in the past.