Registered SIP trunk missing


We really miss registered SIP trunk. We almost exclusively use E1 gateway to connect legacy PBX to SIP, not vice versa. In our country and region, telcos are in process of migrating customers from ISDN (BRI or PRI) to SIP. It is almost impossible to get new PRI at the moment, and I mean real PRI, not the one provisioned via gateway.

Gxw4501 some comments and suggestions

Hi, mveselic,

Yes, registered SIP trunk (GXW4501 uses SIP account to register to PBX) is planned in future release. Currently we only have peer trunk.

First Impressions - GXW4501

Any ETA for this to be added? My testing is at a standstill due to it.

I am getting the log filling up with security invite errors due to it.


Agree, it is very common this type of SIP trunk.

Maybe you can add a custom box for letting us write Asterisk options for “what kind of peer/register” will be created. Some similar to FreePBX custom trunk options: