Registered failed to SIP : BSNL while using in wifi


Hi Its saying registered failed to SIP while using in WiFi… it’s working on mobile data but not in WiFi. Please give me solution for this…:v:


Hi we are experiencing the opposite - SIP failure when no Wi-fi connection. Did you get any resolution? Thanks


Did you have any solution to this problem. Even my application works properly with incoming and outgoing calls when connected to mobile network. The moment I connect to wifi, the registration starts failing.

GS support desk - Is there any setting we have to do in GrandStream Wave application to overcome this problem


Did anyone find a solution for this?


There is not enough info in the thread by which to offer a suggestion.
It is not stated as to whose Wi-Fi service (yours internally or external public) or what settings are in the WAVE.

If the Wi-Fi is public, then there is the question of routers by the owning site, if SIP ALG may be enabled, if the ports are open or blocked, etc.


Dear lpneblett, Me too has same problem. BSNL Wings registers perfectly fine with mobile internet. As soon as I connect to my home internet by wifi registration to BSNL fails.

Let me know which settings do you need for finding solution. Will provide.



If your modem/router has SIP port, it conflicts with your app port, You must disable SIP port from your modem/router.
Step 1: access to your modem/router interface by typing
Step 2: find “Forwarding” settings.
Step 3: find “Enable SIP ALG” and Disable it


tried to change the listening Sip port, limit the use of codecs (eg use only PCMA) and activate the Stun server?