Regarding OPENVPN in UCM6302


I am planning to deploy sip pri trunk, for that sip providers has two different options.

  1. Install ont on site then connect RJ45 to ethernet port of UCM ,then add static route may change ),So that only specific ip ranges will pass through sip providers ont port,rest of communication will occur our network.

  2. They provide open vpn credentials so it can be connect from any isp , use split tunnel allow only specific range.

My Question is in Does UCM6302 support split tunnel(till now I havn’t configured OPENVPN)


What’s the point of using VPN or OPENVPN when UCME63OX has integrated Remote Connect?


Open VPN used for 3rd party voip service providers for making outside call


do exactly the same thing with UCM630X’s Remote Connect


I want use Third party service provider VoIP trunk PRI line.

This service provider doesn’t open there VoIP server to access via external network we need to use either

1)Install there dedicate fiber ont with one RJ45 configured for access to there VoIP network and connect to one of RJ45 on UCM then add static routes
2)Use OpenVpn to access to there VoIP internal network

as far I know UCM630X’s Remote Connect is use to register extension to UCM , please correct me if I am wrong


maybe it’s me who doesn’t understand, VPN (or OPENVN) are normally used to remotize extensions, in this case you don’t need them because you can use the Remote Conncet.
Having said that, what else am I missing?