Reflection on local mobile wave/remote



I would like to take this test, and reflect together:

Scenario -> Extension 210 connected to Wave Mobile via Remote Connect example " "

Situation 1: 210 is located outside the company, then on mobile data, and calls local extension 202, being a call from the outside correctly uses a company band

Situation 2: 210 is located within the company, then in wifi, and call 202 local, being a call at the company of the company should not use company band, instead having to go around from Remote Connect using it.

Imagine now that in the situation 2 there are 15 waves mobile that in wifi they call other local extensions, the external band is used yyX15 times, practically a useless use of the company.
If the company also has a “poor” connectivity the damage becomes double.

I believe therefore that we should solicit Grandstream in improving this situation, when an extension is in the ocale, then in the same class as UCM IP, it should make the caller between extension in Peer mode, then with zero use of the external band.

I remember for example that the 3CX mobile client did exactly this behavior. And it would be a decided step forward in improvements.

Also in my opinion Wave Mobile could accommodate 2 accounts, in my example above 210 could be recorded in account 1 (locally) and account 2 (remote) and it would be a half solution


Dear user,

Thank you for your suggstions and tests! This is a nice suggestion and I will pass it to our Wave development team for evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


excuse me,
Perhaps here you understand better?


Dear user,

Thanks for your feedback! As I know, we will consider the accounts switching functions and we need to consult the improvements internally. Thanks for your testing and suggestions!

Thank you!