Reference/Sample Broadsoft config


grandstream dp752 (16.8 KB)

Hey everyone,
as promised, here is a sample Broadsoft config.
general flow:
DHCP160 on our network points the phone to a common folder for all of our devices
the DP752 will look, and eventually find cfgdp75x.xml

within that first file (Un-authenticated), b ased on my use case it will:
-set the admin password to “admin” because our next file changes the password anyway, and this makes our installer’s lives easier
-ensures DHCP is in use
-sets up the Factory reset buttons to my needs
-sets up provisioning downloads from our server
– tags: %GS_PROV_METHOD% — http 1 or https 2
– firmware %GS_DP752_FW_VERSION% – file prefix, so you’d download 1234dh752.fw or whatever the format is.
– server path: %PROVISIONING_ADDRESS%/dms/%GS_DP752_PROV_DIR%

-disables IP Call, as our network uses a full phone number for each device
-sets language to English
-sets auto-download for a random time between 1 and 5 am Everyday.

Then it will download the next file - CFG{MACADDRESS}.xml

in this file, we set the admin password to tag %BS_ADMIN_PW%
in my case, I disable profile 2,3,4 as I want all devices using the same settings, via profile 1
set up profile 1
I wont go into full detail here, but give it a read through if you use broadsoft, and hopefully it will help you out, at least as a baseline.
I used as many of the Broadsoft automatic tags as I could, but your setup might be different than ours, so your mileage may vary.

hope it helps!


Thank you so much Stephen!


Oh shoot! Be warned it updates to look for a third file!! Same template as the 2nd file but with a name that contains identifying details which make the logs much easier to parse on our file servers


Hey great,
I will create those int he morning and give it a try.