Redirecting Inbound Trunk (calls) to custom messages/announcements


Current Configuration:
UCM 6202, with 12 GXP2170 extensions and 1 DP720/DP750 DECT extension
SIP Peer Trunk with 10 DID
Inbound Route to Ring Group (Reception), with 2 extensions in the group

Current Operating Scenario (Medical Practice):
Inbound SIP Peer trunk, with 10 DID numbers, thence Inbound Routed to a Ring Group (Reception) with currently two extns.
Inbound Route is also set up with “Time Condition” = “Out of Office Time or Holiday” goes to an IVR set up with only a voice message (701 - out-of-hours), then hanging up.
“Multiple Mode, Mode 1” is set up to go to another IVR with only a message (702 - temporarily closed), then hanging up.
Voicemail is generally not used or encouraged, thus disabled.

So that gives use cases of:

(1) after hours and holidays to play an 
    announcement, notifying of office hours
    (currently on 701);

(2) during business hours, when reception won't be
    staffed, send all calls to an out of office 
    announcement [(on currently on 702), via mode
    change *62].

What is also required is another two (2) or more message announcements for emergency and special purpose announcements, being:

(3) announcement for emergency weather situations 
    directing people to hospital or other
    arrangements (currently on 703);

(4) medical special meeting and conference times, 
    to advise callers to call back or other local 
    emergency destinations. Perhaps, several extra 

So, what is needed is a configuration and method so that staff can use a ‘code’, like ‘Mode 1’, or a call forwarding scenario, to change to another prerecorded message/announcement. I had tried using reception handset forwarded to 703, with the other reception handset on DND, but that did not work. Some enquiries have suggested that a ‘Ring Group’ doesn’t support this forwarding scenario.

Is this able to work with the Inbound Route to a Call Queue and agent call forwarding?
Is there any other way of doing this?

Can anyone advise/suggest suitable UCM configurations to achieve this?


Let me ask/propose:

  1. just make inbound route correctly, not need anything fancy.
    Default is set to not work, business hours are in exception (this way you do not care anything that is not work).
    Set route for holiday as it can collide with working hour and place it as first

  2. How system can recognize this ?
    How it is different from not responding ?

I lack data for any proper recommendation, you need specify all situation and end result you want achieve.
a) Not answering (busy)
b) Not answering - absent
c,d,e,…) Anything more ?

3,4) When and for who announcement (internal, external ?)

For designing system you need to have exact diagram how, when and where call need to be sent.
Some scenario are more then UCM can handle and you need buy external program for it.


Has anyone came across a solution for this scenario?
Any tips and workarounds to suggest?


Again your descrption lack data. There is no way to propose anything if you do not specify exactly how this should work.


Can I ask for a suggested template/example/format, in a reference or site url for what you ask?


Did you get a solution to your question?


Please start a new thread stating your scenario and needs. As this post is fundamentally a year old and there was no additional info of any relevance added after Nov 18. it is outdated and presumably the original poster found a solution or workaround in the meantime.