Redial removes the first number


We use 8 to dial to an outside line. When we hit redial, it does not dial because it removes the 8. Any way to fix this?
Redial works if the recipient does not pick up the phone. If they pick up, redial doesn’t work.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


Is it necessary to compose 8 to call externally?
Do not provide details, scenario and screen

  • You can delete 8 in preselection
  • You can change the dial plan
  • Create correct rules on UCM or on the server you use


It is, but it’s on IP Phones, to me. Once you make a call _Xaaaaaaaaaa (X as prepend), if you want to redial, IP Phones stripe X and call can’t go on. You need to modify number or retype or reload from phonebook.


Won’t work. Get rid of the access code and retrain the users.