Recovery Incomplete when attempting firmware update



Hello Marcin,
Did you mean on the options DDNS on my UCM , I have to choose one DNS and make it a fowarding on the router …


Mr Marcin,
a nother question , i have a GXV-3240 , i couldn’t configure the phone , on Acoount1 , i saw unregistered , please tell me how can i fix the problem.


DDNS: yes, generally you need set DDNS on router, this will allow you for usage FQDN (domain name) instead of IP.
UCM -> zerocofig and provision phone from there, it will set account correctly.
Disable 6 account.


Thank You Mr Marcin , it’s work…

But now i configure an IVR , I create a MENU , Who the client can choose a language , like thanks for calling Grandsteam IVR, If you want to continue in French Press 1, For English press 2, For Creole press 3 , if you want to listen the Menu Again press 0, when i go on KEY Pressing Events, i make the choice for 0 , when we following those Parts , we make the choice and we have answer the message ,in French , English and Creole , Now on the option French , we ask the client to choose an departement for example , if you whant to talk with SALES-Agent ,presse 4 , to a Tecnical support press 5 , for another services press 6, Now when we press 4 , it’s not defined for the choice we made . Seems only the option 0 to 3 Works ,
Please can you help me to fix this problem


Build it different:
1 IVR genreal
Press 1 -> IVR2 and add message as Prompt.
Press 2 -> IVR3 and add message as Prompt.

So in short first chose move you to different IVR (language too).


hello, please help with my GRANDSTREAM “GXP-1400”, downloads appear on the screen, a black screen for a minute, with this: DHCP receives, TELNET works, SSH does not work … you can log in and access the menu. But the problem is that I can not update the firmware or how I have repeatedly flashed these phones through TFTP, but then during the work there was always a download line on the screen, and there are no copies on those: (what is it?1


You can push upgrade from telnet.
just after login add: upgrade/upgrade to push again process.


Hi, i have the same problem, can you please help me i’ve been looking to fix this issue for weeks now


Can you access phone via telnet or SSH ?


Hi, i just found the IP address , i tried to connect with Putty but no success i put default login and password (admin)

That’s ; I don’t know why it’s grey it like there is no network on it.






So after i setup all the configuration there, i unplugged the power and i plugged it again, still getting Recovery incomplete and no access to the phone at all.


Hi, an update finally i saw the connection with Tftpd, but i can see the phone is not able to get an IP Address ; this is the log viewer message :
Rcvd DHCP Discover Msg for IP, Mac 00:0B:82:98:94:13 [30/05 23:19:12.152]
DHCP: proposed address [30/05 23:19:12.153]
Rcvd DHCP Rqst Msg for IP, Mac 00:0B:82:98:94:13 [30/05 23:19:12.220]
Client requested address which was not allocated by tftpd32 and is either outside our pool or is used by someone else [30/05 23:19:12.221]


Allow access in windows firewall.


Hi, just a quick update, i had DHCP enabled on the router, that was the problem, when i disabled DHCP it works like a charm! :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I got this same issue for a particular client. :sweat:
I stuck with this phone for almost 5 hours fighting to get it to work.
phone model: GXP1628
firmware ver: version before

Finally, I did manage to make it work following the below procedures: :smiley:

  1. connected the phone Lan port to a managed switch

  2. disable POE on that port

  3. create a VLAN
    -for my case created VLAN 50 and assigned it to port 3 and 4 which is the Phone and my PC.

  4. connect the phone to power using a power adapter.
    at this stage, you will see that the phone is no more stuck on “Recovery Incomplete” and boot normally. please note that the issue is not yet resolved.

  5. go on the phone> System> Factory reset

  6. open TFTP server, suggesting to use TFTPd64

  7. create a DHCP server

  8. once it gets an IP, go on the web GUI of the phone and make changes in order to update the phone firmware.

9)update the phone to first then to the latest firmware ver.

once done, you can connect the phone to any POE port and register it to your PBX.


For gxp-1625 the method of disconnecting network and rebooting phone, waiting =- in my case I walked away so it was a half hour or more, then reconnecting the network brought the phone back. I then logged in and turned OFF the updates. If the phone is working and doing what you want there is really no reason to update especially in a large organization where you could lose many phones in a single update sweep.