Recovery Incomplete when attempting firmware update



Have you reached a definitive solution to this problem?


Try HTTP server, i think in 2.xx was bug with TFTP.


if i have to use option 66 i shoud use tftp i think. am i right?


If it is bugged you cannot :slight_smile:
Just add option 66/43 http://ip so it will force http dowload.


do u know how to connect with ssh in 1625?


putty, then ip phone (default port)
But old fw can have telnet instead, not remember.


marcin can we talk in skype about this problem?
i think we can solve this bug together


Sure, my skype in PM.


thanks bro. it was great. :heart_eyes:
Thats right!
it works!

but let me to write more about the DHCP tab! :grinning:

set DHCP tab like this:

1- ip pool start address: (its depends on your self for range)
2- size of pool: 5
3- lease time: 3
4- Def.router: (i set this static ip on my PC)
5- mask:
6- DNS servers:
7- Domain name:
8- Bind DHCP to this address: (and be enable)

i did that on 6 ip phones GXP1625!


Hi Mr Marcin , i have a Grandstream phone GXP1625 , In the screen , i see " Firmware update - Initialising" and after i see " Recovery incomplete "
Can you help me about the problem please


Sure, but:
Phone try get ip from DHCP or have it set static ?
How good you are with PC and network ?


It was at a static Ip adress , but I couldn’t see the ip adress in the phone , but when I do connect a Pc in the phone , the Pc have connexion for Internet


it looks like the phone has been deconfigured, it no longer works with static IP,


GXP have switch so internet access is normal.
As i see in your case you need more help, recovery is not easiest thing to do as you probably will need set TFTPD on your PC, and force unit to upgrade from there. But to do this you need read packets for checking if unit have static or dhcp and next to set correctly few more settings.
With static IP very often fix is not possible.


how i can do it , please … i don’t understand very well when you say set TFTPD on my PC , tell me the right explain or we can find another solution may be by Teamviewer online , but you suppose to let me know yes or no we can do it .


TFTPD is explained here.

teamviewer is mostly not possible due to time difference.
You can also try ticket with GS, someone from US should respond and hopefully help. If you lack network/PC knowledge then it is really hard to do as you will not understand what we ask. Usually direct help is best in that moment (which is not possible for me).


Thanks , but i don’t have a server for phone, i have a IP PBX UCM 6208, With different models for phone , a GXP-2130 AND GXP-1625, Only one of the GXP-1625 show me this message , Firmware initializing after a few minutes another message show on the screen , RECOVERY INCOMPLETE, i can’t press any buttons , and i can’t see the menu on the phone , than i make a reset factory, what can i do… to fix this problem…


You need pro or make ticket to GS. I really cannot help if you do not have experience in network (or rather it rake very long time).


Hello Marcin,
i have a System UCM6208 , But the Network configurate for DHCP Server , the provider for internet have a network shared not Dedicated , the company has a site who need 5 phones can be connected for the UCM6208, the probleme i have , everyday i need to configure the 5 phones cause the IP Public change , how can i fix the problem when the Network change the IP adress Public , for example yesterday , i have an IP 190,115.154.72, and this morning is changing , the new ip is, PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW CAN I FIX THE PROBLEM …


DynDNS(DDNS in ucm), Check what UCM or router support and use one to dynamically change IP when change occurs.