Recording option when button pushed



Would it be possible to allow the recording of an announcement in response to the button push?

The scenario I’m thinking of is again where the panels are being used in a duress situation and there may be 10 or more in a location. The outbound alert is actually captured by the building management system and the alarm is shown at the monitoring centre who then calls back in on a DID number to the appropriate panel.

To assure the person their call has been reported there is a brief announcement stating that.


Just curious how you take all the use cases into account here, though. In some duress situations, you may not want the parties near the door to know that something other than a normal door open has occurred. Meaning, you may not want to advertise that this has been recorded or is otherwise anything special.


Yes @icstech you can. Use a PBX to play a prompt before forwarding or disconnecting the door phone.

Using a PBX allows you to “control” quite a few options here. :wink:


Of course I could do it that way. As long as the button press still allows operation of the relay to signal the Building Management System that the button on that intercom has been pressed.

I wouldn’t necessarily be using the GDS on a PABX that can provide that though.


The particular scenario is in a 24 hour gym and when I say duress I mean if somebody is having difficulty or a medical emergency rather than is in danger. They also have fobs available for the patrons to wear.

Currently there are analogue door stations in place that provide that facility. Obviously IP would be better form a control and failover perspective if the PABX failed the door stations could register to a nearby site.


You can set it to operate in SIP mode rather than virtual number mode and set 911 (or some other destination) on your PBX to dial an emergency route. I’m guessing it’s 999 or 119 where you are, not 911, but it still applies. Just let it be a phone.