Recording calls on IOS device using GS Wave


We are integrating Grandstream Wave into our company. It successfully records GS Wave phone calls on Androids but I am working with an iPhone X and have been unsuccessful setting it up to record calls using GS Wave. My apologies for posting what should be a simple fix but after a couple of hours of researching the Forums and user manual, I’ve come up empty. thanks. aj



GSWave although free and made by the manufacturer isn’t being developed further and the rumour mill states it may be withdrawn - GS confirm or deny please. @GS.Rick or one of the other GS Support crew.

The only thing I can suggest is to use the paid versions of soft phones that are always updated and work in a VoIP environment like Counterpath’s Bria or Zoiper



We’ll check on the issue. By the way, are you testing with UCM or another SIP platform?