Record a trunk in peer (without registration) on GXP



I have a properly registered peer trunk on UCM. And it works,
for emergency reasons only I’m trying to record the same trunk in peer (without registration) on a phone GXP1625 but despite I disabled the SIP recording I can not use it neither inbound nor outbound.
Any suggestions?



Peer - both side need to provide each other IP.
How you try to do it ?


obviously with 2 certain ip (destination and sender) reported to the Manager.
This peer works perfectly on UCM, I just need to register it on GXP phone for any emerges


ITSP - peer - UCM - register - 1625 ?
Peer can only be between 2 units, you cannot do it on 3 devices, unless ITSP allow double peer trunk.

You can try making router settings so when ITSP sent you packet it will go to UCM unless UCM is dead then it will sent to phone. There is no way to do it other way as this must be forwarded to UCM (in case LAN ip on UCM), if you externall ip then you have 2 different IP (phone and UCM) so there is no way for ITSP to sent you packet on phone IP.


In fact I wrote only for emergency, normally the trunk in peer works on UCM.
I just have to record the trunk in peer on the phone GXP1625 to keep off, it only serves for emergency.
How do I register a peer trunk on my GXP phone?


Add ip to server field
Change sip register to NO
Turn on Option.


thanks @Marcin now I’m trying


I was going crazy for nothing, the peer with the GXP there was no way to use it (peer without registration).
I went by trial and error, I enabled the recording and it started to work (although of course there were no users and pwsd).
Magic of computing :slight_smile: