Recommended POE switch for Grandstream Cameras


What POE switches are recommended for Grandstream HD IP cameras? I have a couple Cisco SF-300 48P switches in stock I would like to use. IS there any type of switch I should avoid?



Avoid any Cisco IMO.

Yes, they will work, but we see many people here have issues with Cisco hardware because of their proprietary features and some bad default config.

I’d go with any other PoE+ switch.


I’m not sure if all or some but at least some Cisco’s have some power management settings to watch out for.

Camers getting shut off for no reason.

Also, I sell GS routers, access points, phone systems and phones but I don’t like the GS surveillance offering.


What do you not like about the cameras? Just curious as I use quite a few of them and do not have any issues. The offering is quite small and perhaps not able to cover all needs, but I don’t know of another SIP capable camera anywhere near the same price range.


For me it is: lack of models, we cannot sell a lot because of this. And price is to high for home usage. One more is lack of survivalence app (cloud + cell phone app).
Quality - i do not have problems, but rest yes.


I agree about the lack of models. Price, not so much, but then I do not use for home as there are too many on Amazon and the like and the home most likely has no need for the SIP function. However, if that is a market for you, then I understand. I have no reall issue with the cell app as there are a number on both Play and Apple that can handle. Cloud has not been an issue for me as I use NAS or DVR; however was disappointed that GS chose to (quickly) EOL their DVR.


Price depend on market :slight_smile: We have problem for SMB and lack solution for rich one :frowning: