Recommendation: GWN7600 or GWN7610?


We are a small medical office researching replacing our TP-Link EAP225 with a GWN, but unsure which one to choose. Most of our software is cloud-based, so we would rather have an access point with cloud-based controller. We considered the Ubiquiti Unifi AP line, but didn’t want to deal with the Cloud-Key or with a local controller installation.

  • Our medical assistants share 8 iPad Airs, which are just single-user MIMO, and on one SSID. The MAs all work with iPads in same general area, so not sure if beam-forming helps.

  • Employees have their cell phones on separate SSID

  • Guest WiFi is on a third SSID. We get around 10 people in waiting room at any time of day, so maybe a few access the guest WiFi.

  • We have 150Mbps / 25Mbps cable internet, though fiber-optic is coming to the area.

Thanks …


Either one will do a good job for you.

Personally, I’d go with the 7610 as it provides a slightly better coverage at the expense of number of users; your description shows you way under either’s supported maximum users.