Recommendation for IP camera veiwer application


Hello All,

Any applications you’d recommend for viewing IP cameras?

I’ve played with GS wave and think it’s neat the way I can dial a camera like an extension (yes, I have white list turned on) but I’d like something that can cycle through camera feeds more quickly.

Preferably something pro. Something that is clearly not in beta. Something that is secure.


So, the questions are -

All GS cameras?
If no, what do the other cameras support… ONVIF compliant?
How many?
Which platform will the app need to support?

None will have built in SIP dialers. They will simply take a stream once logged in and present same on the app.



Thanks for the great questions.

Yes, all GS cameras and, if I expand it the future, I’d like to stick with ONVIF.

In terms of platform, I’m assuming you mean Android vs iPhone. Preferably both but Android for sure.


I’m usually use IpcamViewer.


I also use IP Cam Viewer Pro for Android. Robert Chou is the developer


Thanks guys. As a side note, from the other people I’ve asked (friends / connections I’ve phoned or emailed), IP Cam Viewer Pro is the only application I’ve been recommended.