Receiving FAX-to-email over PRI to a regular phone extension


Exactly how to receive fax-to-email to a regular phone extension?
Calls come in over PRI.

“Fax to email” is set to “Yes”
“Fax mode” is set to “Fax detection”
E-mail is set.

Does the call need to be answered? Because right now it rolls over to voice mail and nothing is happening.


Yes, otherwise the system does not know what kind of call it is.

As you have a PRI, I assume you have a DID dedicated to the fax. If so, then create a fax extension and create an inbound route to that. You can find more details in the manual.


Yes, we have a dedicated FAX machine but we also want users to be able to receive faxes to their email.
This is VERY poorly documented by Grandstream.


I looked at the documentation and it is not clear to me that what you want to do can be done with a PRI. I can only suggest seeing if fax detect is enabled on the data trunk of the PRI along with what you already have and continue to have the inbound route directed to the extension of interest as a test. The document indicates that the trunk fax detection will send the call to the system fax server extension, but it may be worth a shot.

Otherwise, maybe someone else will know more or you can submit a ticket with support.


Should be done with DID alone, no additional inbound routes.
I’ll try support


PRI - DID/GDN into an upfront IVR/AA <-- fax detection turned on at that level and enter your fax destination of choice.

The IVR/AA will hear the tones and send the fax to the destination.


Good point.

Wonder if there is a limitation as to the number of IVRs that can be had?


There is no IVR. There are 100+ people with DIDs that would like to receive faxes to their e-mail instead of walking over to the fax machine. The feature is obviously there, just not documented properly.


Kev is suggesting you create one for each person. The IVR will automatically answer the call and then detect the fax signal and route to the extension you have designated to receive the fax. In essence, it has no settings by which anyone can make a selection and all the timeouts are set to one and the timeout setting in the key pressing events is set to the extension you want.


Actually he didnt state how many fax to emails he wanted in the original posting subject line also doesnt have the amount…

" Receiving FAX-to-email over PRI to a regular phone extension"

I Quote - "To a Regular Extension"

I would suggest not to do 100 IVR’s I think it is hard coded to a limited amount but see how you go…

DID–> IVR–> Extension / Fax machine - must be a Faxing nightmare…