Receive Call On A Call (Multiple Queue Calls Simultaneously)


I have a user who needs to be able to answer multiple call queue calls at a time. Is there a way to allow this on the UCM PBX? It is a GXP2170 phone.

I’ve tested dialing the phone in question directly, via extension number (1000) and I can call quite a few times simultaneously and receive them.

If I dial the Call Queue, which has 1000 as a member, it only rings for the first call and as soon as I’m on that call, it no longer rings my phone.

I know in other systems, there is an option similar to “receive call when on a call”, that allows this functionality.


While uncertain, it may depend on the number of registrations associated to the extension, not line appearances. You might be able to add the same extension as a new account/registration and see what happens or you could add some different new accounts/registrations to the phone and make them agents of the Q. The first I am uncertain about, but the latter will work.

The purpose of a Q is to hold callers in suspense until such time as an agent is available. When the agent is in a call, the system knows this and will not send an additional call. The point being that the system has callers on-hold which presumably prevents the agent from having to put the existing call on-hold only to answer the second call and then possibly put them on-hold to get back to the first caller.

A ring group may also offer relief.


You might want to try “Ring Groups” instead of Queues as suggested. I believe that RG allows receiving multiple calls. That is if you don’t have another reason to use queues in that situation.


If you are using queues, then no.
The point of a queue is to not interrupt you while on a call until you are ready.

Ring Groups do ring in the background, however that is bugged at the moment and would need a workaround to implement.

There are ways to accomplish what you want, but it isn’t straight forward right now.

How many Queues are you wanting this one phone to have access to?