Reboot UCM on schedule?


We’ve got a program to reboot all of our phones (GXP22130’s) each night, but we’d also like to be able to reboot the UCM itself every night. Anyone figured out a way to do that?



May I ask why you are rebooting your phones every night? And why you’d want to do that to the UCM as well?


I can understand with the phones, but the UCM is fine being on all the time. The longest run for mine is almost 2 years. And the reboots have been due to upgrades or cable management.

Anyway, through SSH might be your easiest option. And you can use SSH with the phones as well, so one script might work for all. FYI, reboot the UCM first, then the phones.


Ok CyFo. Why would you want to boot the phones regularly?


May depend on the phone model to some degree. I have some web capable phones and they seem to lose their responsiveness over time. I assume it may have to do with cache and/or memory leaks or utilization, but a reboot does bring back their responsiveness.


Agreed. But he is doing this with GXP2130s and that is why I’m asking. I have not seen a reason to do this routinely with GXP21xx phones. Have you?


Nothing that I can recall since the firmware has gotten more stable. And I do not know why one would want that, but I guess the question really is whether or not doing so causes any harm?


Don’t know from a wear and tear point of view, but could be disruptive to anyone leaving a message, sending/receiving a fax, or on a call.


True with regard to the UCM, not so much to the phones I think and I suspect that one would chose a time of opportunity so as to minimize the chance of having to process a call.

Like you I suspect, I only reboot something when there appears to be a need to (when nothing else resolves the issue)/.


Me too.


As for why we reboot the phones, we’ve had issues with some of the phones randomly freezing up or other random problems. All the phones are on the latest firmware. I would rather take a proactive approach and reboot the devices. As with computers, a reboot seems to do wonders.

FYI, we accomplished the reboot of the UCM (also on latest firmware) with an Expect script using the SSH Reboot command.





This feature would help a few problems…



UCM6204 + DP750 (full 5 phones) loosing connection/registration to one another more or less regularly, a reboot to the 6204 does the trick.

FYI; I’ve opened a ticket on the matter and did some back and forth with support with no results, to be fair is a sneaky issue that is hard to debug cause we can not reproduce at will.

So in my case, being able to schedule reboot would do it.