Reboot script for GXW410X


I have a customer with a GXW410X running FW. I have to remote in and reboot this thing about twice a week. Customer stops being able to send/receive external calls. After a reboot it works fine for awhile.

Is there a way to SSH/Telnet into this and run a reboot command? I was going to try to come up with a script to just do this every morning at 6AM.


Out of interest is the GXW410x paired with 3CX ?

There might be a fix for that…


Yep easy to do. Best linux as you can script it easy.
You can also downgrade version as thisis bug in 1.5 fw that break register if other side is not reachable.


No it is paired with an old Elastix/FreePBX VM. The customer has a very very small ILEC and I can’t port their numbers to our VoIP service.

I’ll try to downgrade it this evening and see if that resolves it. If not I’ll keep pursing the script. Hopefully shouldn’t need this gateway more than another year - they are a k12 school and I’m going to just try to transition them to new phone numbers over next summer.

Thanks for all the replies so far!


2 solution is easier:
TURN OFF REGISTER and go peer, no register = all time work :slight_smile:


Hi Scottsip,

I have the same issue and connected to 3CX.
Can you please suggest the fix?



innanzitutto servono scenario e dettagli


il GXW410X è connesso alla linea telefonica Fastweb da un lato e a 3CX dall’altro.
Accadono due fenomeni:

  • se 3CX si riavvia per aggiornamenti, il gateway non si registra autonomamente al centralino (semaforo rosso del SIP trunk)
  • a volte, telefonando dall’esterno, si sente il segnale di libero ma il telefono ricevente non squilla. Non c’è modo di accorgersi della cosa se non provando a telefonare in ufficio dal cellulare.


non c’è una risposta che possa risolvere il problema come per magia,
occorre verificare le impostazioni lato GXV, lato 3CX e verificare l’infrastruttura di rete compreso il Firewall


Hey scottsip,

I also have this issue with a GXW410X and 3CX, same FW version. Can you let me know what is the fix?


Potential solution to the 3CX disconnect issue-

Change the registration to ‘no registration required / ip based’