Reassign fixed envelope key


Does anyone know how to reprogram the fixed buttons like the envelope key? I logged as admin in via SSH but there is no obvious way to do this. Is there a “root” level login???

Thanks in advance!


you can set the code, example * 97 to associate the reading of your voicemail,
you can ask Grandstream directly for more:


Specifically, I don’t want it to access all the accounts on the phone. Restrict it to only one account. If I have more than one active, I need to choose which account to check the VM on. I don’t want it to ask, i.e., only access the first account. I believe “root” access or something like it is needed…


root access is not possible, with * 98 (or code you read on your PBX) you can access the voicemail generically and you will be prompted for the extension to consult.

Please note that this is a user-user forum only, Grandstream support can be found at the link mentioned above.


I am not certain of exactly what you are wanting to do, but maybe this will help you a little.

When you press the Envelope button to access Voicemail, it will go to the default account for that phone. The default account is usually the first account, but that default can be changed to any other of the phone’s accounts (at least on the telephones that I have).

When you press the Envelope button to access Voicemail, the phone executes whatever dial-code has been set in the phone’s options for Voicemail. For a Grandstream PBX that is usually *97.

The only way that I found to change what the Envelope button does is to change the phone’s Voicemail option. As @damiano70 said, you can use *98 to access any other Voicemail. Combine those together and yes you can change the phone’s Voicemail dial-code to be *98, and then when you press the Envelope button you will be prompted for the extension# and then for the password. To extend this idea further, you can use *98{mailbox} to have that button go directly to another Voicemail (ie *981023 will prompt you for the password of the 1023 Voicemail). This can probably be extended even further to also put the password on the button as *98{mailbox},{password}# so that you press the button and then hear the count of new messages in that specified mailbox.

I experimented with the above, but on a VMPK button instead of the Envelope button. There may be changes to the way the Message Waiting Indicator works when you change the phone’s option for Voicemail.