Real-TIme Output Settings?


Real-TIme Output Settings

I need this feature working with real time. I tested it. it worked as a send to the server when calling process finished.

I want just real time syncing data. (a call processing start when data is sending to the server). A calling process information appear on 3rd party apps such as in the web notification.

is it possible on UCM6208 or other version of UCM can to that ?

Can new HTTPS API feature do my request ? :roll_eyes:

this feature really need for me. please help me.


Someone is know about it?


I suggest you contact the help desk, but I do not know if the underlying Asterisk systems supports sending a line by line status update as a call progresses. The document states:
“Connects to the configured server address/port and delivers CDR strings as soon as they are
available in Asterisk”.


I contacted help desk. They send to me the general guide about Real time Output Settings. :frowning:


You cannot have real time CDR before it end. It make no sense as CDR is after call.
Afair GS sent rapport after each step.

If you monitor calls from start then you need use AMI instead.