Range of DP730 is completely outrageous


We were testing the range of the DP752 and DP730 and was able to receive and make calls over 250 feet through two buildings and a parking lot.

This blows ANY other DECT phone completely away. I had not even anticipated that the phone would work in this remote building until it rang…

Comparison DP720/DP722/DP730

Thanks for the feedback, this is very encouraging. :smile:


I was able to go to the grocery store 3 building away and still perform great.


Same here, compared Fritzbox 6590 with gigaset phones to the dp730 the range is allmost doubled


I agree. I was able able to pull a call more than 300 meters away from the base. The base is in my condo where there’s a lot of interference because of the many wifi ap installed and to still able to have a clear audio incoming and outgoing. I was even driving throughout the parking lot to test the distance. Even in motion really good performance better than any regular big brand dect phone.


We agree, the range is unbelievable for ANY DECT phone!


Yeap same here very impressive.


Add one more to that. My office is in a metal building that’s basically a faraday cage and even with the door closed (which blocks all cellular signals) I could walk over 500 feet from the base (which was also sitting inside the metal of my 42u rack). I never expected that, I can’t imagine how good it’d do outside of the metal building!


Also, even at the farthest distance from the base (and only showing one bar) the sound quality (transmitting and receiving) is crystal clear


Same here 250ft and audio is still crystal clear amazing distance and call quality


Did you mean 300 meters for feet? Everyone on here’s saying around 250 feet, but if you indeed meant meters, then that’s almost 1000 feet and truly incredible…