Radio Power


Just set up my AP and trying to figure out the best option for the radio power. I only plan on having one AP for the whole house. Currently have it at high but trying to see if low will be strong enough. What is the consensus here. I have not been able to find anything that goes into detail.



the house can have more rooms, there can be brick or wooden walls, there can be a thousand types of obstacles, the space can be more or less large to cover, there are many factors that intervene.
It could also be that a single access point may not be enough, you have to do all the field tests to understand where to place the cells and how many are needed.
It is useless to “strain” the radius of the single cell, it could make you 5 meters more or less, but roughly the radius is that one.


If trying to cover a given area, then Damiano is correct, it is not just about power. It is about location, obstacles, elevation, frequency, interference and a few other items.

Keep in mind that it takes both sides of the link to tango, so while the AP may be able to reach some remote point in the house, it does not mean that the other device has the power to reach back. Generally speaking, place the AP in a central location, away from any EMI generating devices and orient it such that the radiation pattern offers the most coverage and power level will be determined by whatever works and there are some apps you can get on a cell phone that will measure it as you check out areas; or do as most do, set to high and leave it alone.


Thank you guys for the feed back. I will most likely have it centrally with a lot of open space and only a little wall blockage. Still planning on setting up switch for hardwiring the main important items.