Rack ear for UCM6300A?


Hi guys
At our office we no longer use FXO and FXS so we ended up choosing UCM6300A
However, we need to place the unit in the rack mount. Has anyone build a 3D printed rack ear for this model?
Else how do you place the unit in the rack?
Thank You


a shelf and solve


You can always do an ebay search for a 19’ rack shelf and it should come up with appropriate kitchenware, and some actual comms rack gear at the right and wrong pricing. :wink:

Expect to pay around $15 USD


For my 6208, I found that it already had the holes for the rack mount ears, so I found a kit on Amazon. The kit had the holes in a wrong pattern, so I had to drill new holes in the ears.

I looked at the pictures of the 6300 and do not see that it has holes for mounting ears. If you were to drill & tap holes in the 6300 you would need to open the case to make sure that you aren’t damaging something important inside. If you open the case you will void your warranty. So I do not recommend that you drill holes in your 6300.

I agree with what @damiano70 & @scottsip have already recommended, get a shelf. I would further recommend you get a shelf that has some ventilation holes. For a quick interim solution, I might use some scrap wire to fashion a shelf in the Comm Rack.



Thank you for great suggestion, I never know that there’s a shelf that made specifically to mount inside the rack. With this kind of shelf it can even placed my Tower type NAS inside the rack :slight_smile: