Queue Options for Addtional MOH and Call Handling - enhancing the Queue



The Queue option needs to have additional MOH (Message On Hold Options)

In the Queue these are typcially referred to as Escalation messages.

They are time bound.


First : MOH - Ring Back Time Duration [20] Seconds
Second : MOH - Hold Message 1 Time Duration [20] Seconds
Third : MOH - Hold Message 2 Time Duration [20] Seconds
Fourth : MOH - Hold Message 3 Time Duration [20] Seconds
Fifith : MOH - Hold Message 4 Time Duration [20] Seconds
Repeat : MOH - Hod Message Repeat Time Duration [300] Seconds

The premise for this recommendation.

  1. Avoid using Multiple Destination to allow for the easy tracking of Queue Statistics
  2. First Message On Hold would be the Ring Back Sound to allow Users the Comfort Ring Back noise that there call is ringing to Agent As normal.
  3. If All Agents Busy then put the Call to MOH 1 for Defined Period of Time
  4. Escalate the messaging the longer a call is on hold.

The Various MOH greetings would allow us to have Queue Exit Options enabled but only exposed to the Caller when we have deteremined that have waited in the queue long enough.

Add A Time of Day option for Queue Messaging.

This would allow the ability to have the Queue VM Message change depending on the Business Hours Schedule etc.


Although there is a MOH for1repeatinglevel of hold, this suggestion would allow the company being called to present a more caring attitude towards their clients in a queue (or telephone jail).

A big +1 to this one.




Bump. Still a desparately needed feature.