Queue Agents in 63XX UCM's


I’m noticing that Queue Agents are logged out when you reboot a 63XX system. This didn’t happen in the 62XX/6510 range.

Any one else noticing this?


It makes sense Marc on a reboot… although to have the state change is not good.


For static agents, restarting UCM will log out of the static agent. For dynamic agents, they will remain in the login status. In this case, UCM 62xx, 65xx, 63xx are consistent.
Thank you!


Not in my experience but accept it.


hi Marc,
your test intrigued me and I tried, in the queue the static and dynamic agents remain after the restart, it would have been very serious if it were not so.
I tried with UCM6302, I don’t have UCM620x / 6510 at this time but I guess it’s the same.



I’ve rebooted systems before without agents being logged out. Having them logged out on the 63xx is a new behaviour you need to be aware of in the event of a reboot.


maybe I explained myself wrong,
I tried and after the reboot they do NOT disconnect neither the dynamic agents nor the static agents,
or would you like to tell me more?


Thats what I find as well on the 62XX/6510, but 63XX seems to log out Static Agents after a reboot.