Questions on GWN Cloud in GWN7600 and Mesh


I don’t use GWN Cloud much,
therefore it might seem like a “strange” question.
I was doing tests on GWN Cloud and I used GWN7615, GWN7605 etc… all OK.

The GWN Cloud question is about the GWN7600 model,
a customer has 2 GWN7600 A.P. and I don’t know how to insert them in the GWN Cloud as I don’t have the default pwsds, they both have the updated FW (as mentioned, they are with a customer, 100 km from here and I cannot verify),
There are 2 solutions:

  • the first GWN7600 did not have the default pswd, in which case they are not compatible with GWN Cloud or is there any way to do it? (example is enter pswd = admin)
  • I simply don’t have the pswd and I’ll have to make sure that the customer reads them on the back.

With reference to the Mesh (which I normally use but never set up on GWN Cloud), is there anything in particular to know through GWN Cloud?
I enable Mesh on GWN Cloud, but I don’t understand how to indicate which are the A.P. which must be considered in Mesh.