Questions about HT801 and pulse dialing


I have an HT801 that I’ve been using for a while. I also have a bunch of old analog/pulse dialing phones, and wanted to hook one up, but have a few questions.

Any guides showing how to set it up? Also, will I be able to split the cable between the pulse dialing phone, and my cordless base station phone that I am currently using with the HT801? Basically, having them both ring at the same time, or would I need an HT802, or a second HT801?


pulse is a system from 20 years ago, in my opinion you won’t have a positive situation, about parallel phones I don’t think it can work properly, it depends on the REL of the phone you use, HT roughly has the power supply for a phone. About HT802 you may find yourself in the same situation, you need to check if the server where you register supports single registration with 2 channels,
regarding GS you will find the manuals and the answer to your questions here:


You can use up to 5 (REN) afair.
Pulse can work, DTMF will not work.


K…looks like I can get a Pulse to Tone converter, which would solve the issue. Might get a second HT801, and another number, so I can rotate my old phone collection.