Question regarding analog inbound calls


Hello, Grandstream community,

I have a question regarding our UCM6302A that I’m hoping someone can assist with.
We recently purchased a UCM6302A and have successfully set up a analog call trunk, allowing us to make outbound calls without any issues. However, we are facing difficulties when it comes to receiving inbound calls.
To provide more context, we have created an inbound rule and set up an IVR (extension 7000).
Our ultimate goal is to route incoming calls through the IVR, but unfortunately, when a call is received by the system the IVR doesn’t play its message.
We’ve also attempted to route inbound calls to a specific IP phone that is already adopted into the system, but this also didn’t work.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue or can offer insights to share?
Thank you in advance for your help!
Miltiadis X.


We can start with the basic question, how do you know that the incoming phone call is getting to your UCM6302A?

Can you connect a simple analog telephone to that line then try an incoming call and see if the telephone rings. If this telephone can have a display to show the Caller ID info then that would be a bonus.



Try turning off Caller ID, If the carrier doesn’t send it or the line is not configured properly it won’t ring in.


Better to leave it enabled and set the scheme to auto detect


I said to try it. If it works he know not to use it.