Question about GXP 2170


Hi Guys,

Im using an Asterisk server for my GXP 2170. My Question is, Is there a way to display on the phone screen the global variable status I have configured on my extensions.conf file?

Thanks in advanced.


could you please be more specific? What do you want do display where on the phone and when?
There are several ways to accomplish tasks like yours, but it can be quite “tricky” and might not fit
your needs (e.g. realtime)…



If by “global variable status” you mean BLF fields, then yes. I’m running a GXP2170 on a asterisk server and have been very happy with it. There isn’t much I have not been able to make it do.



Hi @mgumbert,

Thanks for you reply. I have a Global Variable on my asterisk extensions.conf. I call it the Holiday Variable.
Basically by default HOLIDAY = 0.
I have a dialplan that when a user dials *280 it changes the HOLIDAY variable to HOLIDAY=1. My question is, is there a way to display this global varialble status on the GXP 2170 BLF Screen?


These are settings within the PBX that do not translate into valid SIP messaging. As the variable is not extension related, there is no way for the system to formulate a SIP message to let the phone know via a NOTIFY and there is nothing for the phone to SUBSCRIBE to.

It is a time setting and many have asked for similar indications so they can tell when the system is in hours or out of hours as quite a few users still like to open and close up shop manually and may have been used to key systems with a “night” mode.