Question About Grandstream GXW 4108


Hi Everyone,

I have a GS GXW 4108 Configured with my Asterisk 15.6 Server. I have configured an IVR in my Asterisk that whenever someone calls on one of my configured trunks in GXW 4108 asterisk automatically makes an outbound call using a different trunk also connected to GXW 4108. My problem is, whenever the caller hangs up the call the IVR still processes the the outbound call. It seems like GXW 4108 does not send a disconnection signal to asterisk thats why the IVR still being processed even though the call has already been hang up by the caller.

Am I missing a configuration in GXW 4108?

Any help would be appreciated.



Yes, you need correctly configure disconnect signal on GXW. From description 1 GXW do not recognize disconnect signal.
Try running autodetect at start.


Hi Marcin,

Thanks for your reply

Do I need to input all the PSTN line number on the Line # field on the autodetect field on the GXW?


Hi Marcin,

After applying the Auto Detect Feature, it seems that my GXW 4108 only invokes tests on the Line #1 only even if I have 5 lines connected to the GXW. Any ideas?


If lines are same then run 1 and apply all settings to all.
Also you need provide at least 2 lines numbers (as they are need to put to call from other line).
first line number is 1234
Then add 1234 (with any prefix if need if you call from 2 line).
After saving all ata restart gateway and then start test.


Hi Marcin,

I’ve tried doing the test 2 lines at a time but still the test would not run, I have 1 PSTN line plugged into the Port 1 of GXW and I have GSM gateway plugged into Ports 2-5. And the Test is being run on only Port #1. Is it because I’m using GSM gateways on the other ports?


Hard to say without knowing the make and model of the GSM gateway.


It is better to not mix source. If you mix sorces you will need check each line separately.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for your replies. I’ve managed to solve this problem by doing impedance test for each line first. Everything is OK now.